Assault and Buttery

Repairs are under way at Rebecca Anderson’s gourmet popcorn shop. With production of her tasty treats on hold, Rebecca has plenty of time to read the old diary she discovered hidden in the shop’s walls. It’s a fun peek into her town’s history…until the diary’s abrupt ending leaves Rebecca wondering whether she’s actually stumbled upon a cold case.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, mysteries are popping up right and left. When local busybody Lloyd McLaughlin is found dead, the police suspect he was poisoned by Rebecca’s popcorn. But Rebecca has only made one batch of popcorn recently, and it wasn’t intended for Lloyd. Nothing about Lloyd’s death makes sense—until Rebecca discovers a startling connection between the missing diary-writer and the murdered man.

Now, with her reputation on the line, Rebecca must discover who’s been cooking up murder—both in the past and in the present.

Praise for Assault and Buttery

"The plot and subplots are rich and add depth . . . This is the third book in the series. Rebecca is a developed character showing signs of growth as she realizes that her innocent questions make her brother-in-law feel she doesn’t think he does a good job. Cathy reminds her, friends are important. This series is about a lot more than popcorn and shows great promise."

- Kings River Life Magazine

" Sometimes, when an author tries an unconventional plot for a sub-genre, it doesn’t work.  In this case, I thought it worked perfectly.  It does take us about half the book for the flashbacks to catch up to the present, but I was never bored during that time.  The plot only got stronger when we got into the back half of the book.  The strong suspects kept us guessing, and the way things came together was wonderful."

- Carstairs Considers

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